An Ubiquitous Presence by Satisfying Your Needs
Our unwavering commitment to quality and safety forms the backbone of why we are trusted and relied upon for a diverse range of industrial and commercial applications. The extensive selection to choose from means all your needs are met when you come to us, and we know what it takes to facilitate your projects smoothly and efficiently. This, in turn, explains why KSS can be found in every corner of the world.
One Stop Shopping
As a cable management solution expert, KSS is the company that can provide you with one stop shopping in the wiring-accessory industry. KSS offers comprehensive solutions for your cable management needs. It is our capability to provide our customers with the industry-leading R&D that sets us apart from our competitors. With our state-of-the-art mold making technology, precision manufacturing, and automatic production line, KSS’s product selections are diverse and range broadly to supply all that’s needed to complete your cable management solutions. Our comprehensive product line and sufficient provision of products in stock ensure you are satisfied with your one stop shopping experience with KSS.
Products and Service of the Utmost Quality
Most importantly, it is our pursuit of perfection and continual drive for improvement that allows us to shine through, as the diligent approach to our production allows us to deliver cable management products and solutions that are safe and effective. With operations spanning approximately 130 countries and capacity to produce over 50,000,000 cable ties per day, we are trusted by our distributors, partners, and end-users to deliver superior quality and service.